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"A Day of Dance" Saturday 7/31

Just a reminder that "A Day of Dance" is this Saturday, 7/31!

I am happy to drive whoever can fit in my car! So far, here is who has notified me that they are attending:






If driving in my car, please meet at my house as it is on the way and saves me about 40 minutes of driving to and from the studio! Please arrive at 8:30 a.m. I will drive them home to the studio at the end of the day, and you can pick them up there.

The Chadwicks

21 Pearl Road

Boxford, MA 01921

Please let me know if your dancer wants to join! I just checked with the director and there is still space.

Here is the email I sent about it on 6/21:

'A Day of Dance' was just listed as a day of master classes with some fabulous teachers up in Milford, NH (approximately one hour from us.) Classes are $25/each and you can take just one or two, or all four offered. There is modern, ballet, jazz and tap. I signed up Jessie and Natalie so I plan to be there the entire day and I'm happy to drive other dancers to and from the event (I can fit four more dancers in my giant vehicle.) If we have a big group of students who want to go, we could arrange carpools so one parent drives a group up and goes home, and another parent drives up later to do the return trip. The registration website (linked below) is a little clunky, and the classes are listed out of order, making it difficult to read. The schedule also seems a little strange with a couple random breaks. However, I have worked with the jazz and tap teachers and I know they are fabulous! The bios of the ballet and modern teachers seem equally wonderful. Juniors are considered 8+ (if your child is not currently 8-years-old, ignore this email - there will be other opportunities for you in the future!) You can decide if your dancer would be best in the junior classes or the int/adv classes. I put Natalie in the junior level and Jessie in the int/adv level. Juniors: Modern 10-11:15 Ballet 11:30-12:45 (lunch break) Jazz 1:30-2:45 (random break; they can hang with me) Tap 3:30-4:45 Int/Adv: Modern 10:15-11:45 (lunch break) Ballet 12:15-1:45 Tap 2-3:15 Jazz 3:30-4:45 Let me know if you end up registering so we can plan! And I wouldn't wait if you intend to register. Jeannette Neill (jazz) is a Boston ICON! I grew up taking the T into Boston to take classes with her when I was just 13, and I continued taking classes with her and her staff all through college. She recently retired and this is one of the first classes she is doing that I have seen. I suspect her class will fill quickly. When the form asks you what training your child has, you can say she is on the competition team at Elevate Dance Center in Ipswich. LINK: A Day of Dance (

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