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Welcome to the Elevate Dance Center competition team blog!

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

In an effort to reduce the number of emails you receive, we are going to try communicating information related to the competition team within this blog.

It will be your responsible as a parent or dancer to log into the blog regularly to check for updated information. I have used this format with teams at other dance studios and it has always worked well. You can request an email be sent to you each time a new post is published if you wish, and I believe you can comment on posts and add yourself as a 'member.' Thank you in advance for your patience as we figure out all the nuances.

One huge bonus to having this blog, other than a reduction in emails you receive, is that you will be able to go here to find past information without having to search through your email inbox. The TEAM app that Miss. Marie was using will not longer be used.

Thank you for being flexible with the changes; they are all meant to assist in our growth as a studio and as a team!


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