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Castings 2021

Castings are scheduled for 8/22 at 4:00-7:00 p.m. Anyone who is accepted to the team and wants more routines can attend castings. Attending castings does not guarantee you will be cast in any of the select group routines. You can read more about castings here: Copy of Castings 2021 | Elevate Dance Center (

A list of what select group routines we are casting is below. You will be able to tell us how many select group routines you are able to be cast in prior to 8/22. If more than one choreographer selects you for a routine and you are limited to one or two select group routines, we will make the choice for you as to which you are cast in based on your dance schedule and which routine(s) will offer you the most growth in relation to your current dance training.

Miss. Kelli:

  • musical theater ages 9+

Miss. Amanda:

  • hip-hop ages 9+

Miss. Christina:

  • modern A ages 9+

  • modern B ages 9+

  • ballet ages 9+

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