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Competition Team Kickoff!

This is just a reminder that we have an important parent/dancer meeting scheduled for Sunday, 9/12 at 3 p.m. This event is required for all team dancers and attendance is requested from one parent per dancer.

*note, we have removed the potluck portion of this event due to Covid/sharing concerns.

Please see below for further details:


  • 3:00 PM: Arrive; jacket try-ons

  • 3:30 PM: Meeting begins

  • 4:30 PM: Meeting concludes (parents can leave and come back for 6 PM pickup)

  • 4:30-5:15: Company buddies, team building and fun events

  • 5:15-6:00: Photo shoot (Dress code detailed below)

  • 6:00: parent pick-up

Dress code for photo shoot:

Hair: slicked back in a center part low bun, all wispies gelled, please!

Attire: form-fitting dancewear (think jazz class) of the dancer's choosing. Please: no baggy shorts or pants or crop tops! Examples of proper attire: sports bra and dance leggings, leotard and jazz shorts. No tights. No dance shoes. Colors are the dancer's choice but please be sure it is a cohesive look. We are taking action shots and full body poses this year, not headshots.

Makeup: light makeup, neutral colors, no bright lipstick, please

Jewelry: no jewelry

Boys: neat hair, no makeup, athletic pants or shorts and t-shirt (no writing), no socks, no shoes

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