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Costumes Coming Home!

As costumes arrive, we will be sending them home. We trust you all to keep the costumes safe and with all their components throughout our season, so we do not see a need to hold onto them here at the studio.

  • Please keep costumes in individual plastic bags or garment bags and on a hangers.

  • Label all components if possible.

  • Do not squish delicate components (such as hats.)

  • Keep a costume inventory to help you stay organized. For example:

    • Natalie, jazz: "Watch Me"

      • Hot pink top and shorts, youth medium

      • No tights

      • No shoes

      • Hair: TBD

      • Earrings: Yes

      • Headpiece: TBD

    • Natalie, tap: "Beyond the Sea"

      • Ivory and black polka dot dress, youth medium

      • Black fishnet tights

      • Black tap shoes

      • Hair: Low bun, middle part

      • Earrings: Yes

      • Headpiece: black fascinator pinned on right side of head towards forehead

  • Do not eat while wearing your costumes.

  • IMPORTANT: have your dancer try on every costume as it comes home so that you familiarize yourself with its components and allow yourself ample time to make alterations and adjustments if necessary.

Thank you!

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