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Dance Shoes + Dress Code

Please take a moment to review the Team Handbook if you haven't done so already. Detailed within are what we expect from our team members moving forward.

Of note for summer:

  • Please come to ballet class in a black leotard and pink tights, with your hair in a neat ballet bun!

  • No more foot undies or half soles! We are doing away with these so please get used to dancing barefoot during your lyrical, contemporary and technique classes (unless otherwise requested.)

  • If your tap, jazz and ballet shoes are in good condition and still fit you, you may continue to wear them for the summer. There is no need to purchase the required shoes in the Handbook for summer dance.

  • Let's lose the layers, please! No more baggy clothing masquerading as dancewear! No more jackets worn during class! Let's ELEVATE our standards and come to dance class looking professional and ready to dance, please!

Thanks, everyone :)

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