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Did You Get A Text?

I sent a RoboText yesterday regarding the team jackets being in (woohoo!)

Did you NOT receive the text?!

If you did not receive the text, it probably means you have your landline listed in the Parent Portal under your student's account.

It is super important that the number in your parent portal is your cell phone number.


We are implementing a RoboText system and yesterday was the test run with the notification regarding the jackets. We plan to use this RobotText system for time-sensitive messages, particularly during on-location events.

For example: if we are attending a competition and the event is running two hours ahead of schedule, I will be able to easily use the app to RoboText everyone that information.

Another example: if we are attending a convention and there is a fire alarm, I will be able to quickly text you all our evacuation location per the venue's safety action plan and update any real-time information.

What this will NOT be used for: I will not use this feature to update you on information I would put in a blog post. Please be sure you are checking the blog regularly!

My cell phone: if you need to get ahold of me, here is my personal mobile number: 781-424-0215.


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