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DIVA COMP: Mask Update + Block Schedule!

I just heard from Diva Dance Competition and here are three updates I wanted to share:

  1. MASKS NOT REQUIRED WHEN ONSTAGE! We are thrilled to hear that our dancers can remove their masks backstage and perform with their full, expressive faces showing! We are asking everyone send their dancer with a Ziplock bag labeled with their name so that the teachers can quickly and hygienically collect every dancer's mask backstage immediately before taking the stage and return them to each dancer in an organized fashion when they get offstage. If you are not comfortable with your dancer performing mask-less, he/she can wear a tan mask (Kelly has).

  2. THE AUDIENCE IS OPEN! Diva asks everyone, regardless of vaccine status, remain masked at all times when at the event. Elevate aims to cultivate an environment of support and energy for our dancers and we are so excited to know that you can invite your friends and relatives to cheer our dancers on!

  3. HYBRID BLOCK SCHEDULE! Diva will be combining 2-3 studios together in one block of time. This is similar to how last year's schedules went but will offer our dancers a bit more time between routines since we will be sharing the time slot with another studio. I do not have the exact schedule yet and I do not know which day we will be scheduled on -- I hope to have that by Friday and I will absolutely disseminate the information as soon as I have it so we can all plan accordingly!

PROPS: I still need parents to help transport props! As of right now, the monkey bed and the coffee cart are not attending competitions due to lack of transportation.

Thank you to the following parents who have already adopted a prop for the season:

Kim Ordman: Mah Nah Mah Nah bench

Stacey Carpenter: Beauty School Dropout chairs

Mark Winfrey: Madelyn's planet

Please, please, please, email me if you are willing to transport the coffee cart (Shining Stars) or the monkey bed (All-Stars).

Thank you!


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