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Dress Code Reminders!

This is a friendly reminder that Elevate requires the following dress code requirements:


  • All* female-identifying dancers must wear a black ballet leotard paired with pink tights and pink ballet slippers. A ballet skirt of any color is optional. Hair must be in a neat ballet bun that is secure enough to last the duration of the class. Please do not wear leotards that have a skirt attached, as we often need to take the skirt off for a variety of reasons (partnering, teacher preference, etc.)

  • All male-identifying dancers must wear a white t-shirt, black shorts, and black ballet slippers. Hair should be neatly pulled off the face.

  • *Exception: any dancer in Ballet VII and Pointe II may wear any color ballet leotard.


  • Any colors and styles of dancewear are acceptable, and we encourage you to dress for the genre you are taking. However, baggy clothes are never allowed, and attire must fit appropriately so that it is not falling off due to being too large, for example (we see A LOT of pulling up of leggings that fall down mid-routine). Hair must be neat and pulled off the face.


  • Jewelry is never allowed due to safety concerns. This includes Apple watches, rings, necklaces, and earrings. Just this past week we witnessed a team dancer get fabric caught in a small hoop earring which needed to be carefully removed by a teacher and very well could have ripped right out of her ear. Jewelry can also cause injuries to fellow dancers during lifts and close contact instances. Small studs may be worn in the ears.

If your dancer does not read this blog themselves, please forward this to them, or discuss these requirements with them so that everyone is informed.

Thank you!


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