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First Friday Open Studio Time!

Thanks to Danielle Gallegos and her impromptu grilled cheese night two weeks ago, we are implementing our first official 'Open Studio' this Friday from 7:00-8:00 p.m.

Consider attending to allow your dancer to have fun with their teammates while parents have an opportunity to mingle and relax. Bring a food or drink item to share, if you wish.

If your dancer has class Friday finishing at 6:15, you can hang out until the official start time of 7 p.m., or go home and come back. (The 7 p.m. start time accommodates our All-Stars, who have tap class until 7 p.m.)

See you there!

Who: Any competition team dancer

What: Open Studio Night

Where: The Studio

When: Friday, 10/1, 7 PM

Why: A fun, team-building event!

What else: Bring a food or drink item to share (optional)

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