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Let's ELEVATE Our Summer Goals

"5, 6, 7, 8, this is how we ELEVATE!"

Credit goes to Miss. Kelli Camacho for coming up with this cheer back in January when I told her my idea for the studio name change. I sent her a quick text and I'm pretty sure she texted this back within a minute or two!

Kelli and I have BIG plans for the competition team at Elevate Dance Center, and our team teachers are on board 100 percent. We plan to take the team to the next level: we have set goals for the team's future and are actively seeking out opportunities that help us achieve these goals. We are looking forward to auditions on 8/21 and are excited to select an inaugural team that will embody our vision for the Elevate Dance Center competition team.

As a member of the dance company under Miss. Marie, we encourage you to raise the bar with your dance training this summer. Set concrete goals for yourself and work hard to achieve them. Do not become complacent with your training, as auditions will be here in six short weeks!

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