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Makeup, Hair, Earrings, Tights...


This blog post will share the required makeup and other items your dancer needs for performances. Let me or Miss. Kelli Camacho know if you have any questions!

Related: SAVE-THE-DATE for a bun-making Super Sunday with Kelly Pitcher! Learn how to make a competition-ready bun, step-by-step. Bring your dancer, or send her on her own if she's old enough to take on her bun independently, and all necessary hair accessories!

Cost: $10 per dancer+parent pair. Kelly Pitcher will also be putting together an "Comp Essentials 101" document to help you prepare so stay tuned for that!

  • Sunday, 1/23/22, 10:00-11:00 a.m.


The chosen lipstick for the 21-22 competition season for all competition dancers is:

  • NYX soft matte lip cream SMLC 27 MADRID

I found this lipstick at the Rowley CVS, but I also did a quick Google search and I think you will be able to find it numerous places. Occasionally we will require a different shade, for example a pink shade, for a routine. We will communicate this with if and when this is required.


The chosen eyelashes for the 21-22 season are:

  • Ardell 110's


All female dancers need to purchase a pair of rhinestone earrings from the studio. If you have your old earrings, you may continue to wear them if you so choose. I have clip-on and pierced versions. They are $10/per pair.


Please make sure you have at least one pair of the required "BLOCH TAN" performance tights. We recommend purchasing extra tights in case a pair runs or something spills on them. Shipping and production delays are an issue so please plan ahead. You can find the required tights in the Team Handbook.


Please watch this stage makeup tutorial. The only thing not shown is the application of eyelashes, which you would do prior to applying makeup on the eyes. Please be sure you have the correct makeup needed to achieve this look on your dancer.

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