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NYCDA Schedule

Here is the detailed NYCDA schedule and a file of the groups (done by age, per NYCDA)

NYCDA 2021
Download XLSX • 11KB

  • Arrival on Saturday: Please plan to arrive at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday morning so we can properly organize, check-in and get to our rooms.

  • Dress Code: Please plan to have a professional appearance and dress the part for a variety of genres (this means ballet attire, hip-hop attire, etc.)

  • Hair: See above - please take your appearance seriously!

  • Shoes: Please bring all of your dance shoes, clean sneakers, and a pair of socks!

  • Water and Food: Don't forget a water bottle, snacks, and lunches!

  • Behavior: Please have a positive attitude and be open to learning! Transition quickly between classes! Remember that you are representing Elevate Dance Center!

  • Scholarship Auditions: Everyone is participating! Awards are given at the end of Sunday. Please do your best and remember that not everyone wins. Be happy for your teammates who do win and be respectful of other studio dancers!

  • Competition Component: We are not entered in the competition component of the weekend. You are welcome to watch the competition for free!

  • Masks: Masks are required for everyone, regardless of vaccination status.

  • Drop-off/Pick-up: We will establish a meeting spot upon arrival at the hotel. Please be sure your cell phone number is in your parent portal as your main contact phone number.

  • "Ready, Set, Dance": A parent is allowed in the room for the duration of their day. Enjoy!

  • Supervision: Every room has multiple NYCDA supervisors. Additionally, Kelly Pitcher and Kelly Chadwick will be onsite the duration of the weekend, and will float between the rooms. Kelli-Ann Camacho and Amanda Jutras will also be on hand when their schedule allows.

  • Kelly's Cell: 781-424-0215

We are excited to see everyone in Boston!

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