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Parent Info Meeting, 8/12

There is a parent info meeting on Thursday, August 12th at 7 p.m. This meeting is intended for NEW families considering auditioning for the team. Returning families are welcome to attend, but the agenda will cover information you likely already know (see below).

Topics include:

What kind of commitment level is required from team members, what sort of performance opportunities does the team pursue each year, what are auditions like, what happens if a child makes/does not make the team, what balanced billing entails, etc.


On Sunday, September 12th, the team will have a parent meeting which will entail going over the Team Handbook as well as specific events and new items we are implementing for this season. This meeting will be required for team members and (one) parent. We will be combining this meeting with jacket try-ons, a potluck season kickoff event, as well as the team photoshoot.

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