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Post-Recital Party, 6/12!


I wanted to share this now for your planning purposes...

Growing up, my dance studio owner would always welcome the team kids and their families back to her house after the recital for food, drinks, and laughs. I have such great memories of those nights -- we'd show up with our makeup smeared by that point, and our hair was a hot mess because we pulled it out of the bun it had been in since 9 a.m. We were all exhausted but so excited for the cookie platter we knew she would have waiting for us. Having a place to go after recital where we knew we knew we'd see our friends was priceless.

I would love to continue this childhood tradition of mine by sharing Elevate's post-recital hours with you all. While I would love to have you at my home, it's out in the boonies of West Boxford. So instead, I'd like to invite you all to come back to the studio after recital. I will have food and drinks here and it will be a casual event where you can pop in if you'd like. No pressure of course - I completely understand that this is new and that many of you likely have your standard traditions of post-recital plans already in place. But if you would like to join me and the Elevate staff, you are welcome at the studio!

Approximate hours: End of recital (maybe 5 p.m.?) - 8 p.m.-ish

Location: The current studio

Thanks for making Elevate such a fun place!


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