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Things I Forgot... say at the meeting!

First of all, thank you all for attending our kickoff event on Sunday! It was so nice having everyone in the same space. The energy was positive and the kids were happy - that's a win for me!

I forgot a few things I wanted to mention...

  1. Cubbies. I have new white cubbies in the back area which fit a 12x12 cube. Cubbies can be used by any Rockstar, All-Star, Junior Elite, Elite or Senior Elite, on a first come, first grabbed basis. Please bring in a 12x12 cube if you would like to claim a cubby. (If you already have a cubby in the black tall stack or wire rack with a basket supplied by me, you are all set!) Cubbies are handy for keeping your dance shoes at the studio so you don't have to carry them to and from every day!

  2. Teacher attendance at competitions. We want to make it known that teacher attendance at competitions is completely voluntary and not expected. When a teacher attends a competition, she is doing so without compensation. We prepare the kids fully leading up to competitions to be able to warm themselves up and prepare themselves as needed in order to hit the stage independently and confidently. Please do not expect your child's teacher to be in attendance to rehearse your dancer during competition weekends.

  3. Bulletin Board. There is a bulletin board in the waiting room near Studio 2 that is specifically for the competition team. Check here often to see upcoming events, news, and fun stuff like our 'Teammate Tuesday' postings.

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