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Whoville Final Details!

DRESS REHEARSAL: Saturday, 3-6 p.m. at the studio. Full hair, makeup and costumes!

PERFORMANCE: Call Time: 9:30 a.m. at the Masonic Lodge in Ipswich.

Most of this was in the last blog post, but additional details have been added in RED. Costume pieces that students are borrowing from us will be handed out on Saturday at the rehearsal. Please be sure your dancer has safety pins and bobby pins in hand!

All costume pieces borrowed from the studio will be returned at the venue after the second performance. Make sure your dancer has a change of outfit to wear to and from the performance.

Hair should be professional and neat. Makeup does not need to be as heavy as we do for the competition stage and no lipstick, eyelashes or earrings are required.

Shining Stars:

  • Dress like you're attending a fun holiday party, using the colors: green, white and/or pink. Examples are pants and a holiday sweater, fun tights and dress, etc.

  • Pair your outfit with one winter accessory such as earmuffs or a scarf in a complimentary color.

  • Hair: standard competition hair (center part low bun)

  • Shoes: black tap shoes!


  • Black, fitted, ankle-length leggings.

  • White, long-sleeved sweater of any style (pure white, not ivory, please!)

  • Hair: standard competition hair (center part low bun)

  • Shoes: bare feet


  • No costume pieces, but we request you start thinking and experimenting with doing your dancer's hair like Cindy-Lou Who!

  • Hair: double buns at the top of the head

  • Shoes: bare feet

  • Tights: none

  • Black leotard for underneath the nightgown!

Jr. Elites:

  • Black basic tank leotard.

  • Long-sleeved flannel button-down shirt in any color (like a red/black check, or a yellow/black check for example - but any color you find will fit. They will be tying them around their waist.)

  • Black jazz pants/leggings/joggers

  • Hair: standard competition hair (center part low bun)

  • Shoes: sneakers (hip-hop) and bare feet (lyrical)

  • Tights: tan convertible (for the lyrical dance)

Elites and Senior Elites:

  • All black, fitted unitard (the Feed the Birds unitard is perfect!), or long sleeve black leotard with ankle-length fitted leggings. They are reindeer, and we are trying to cover as much of their bodies in all black as possible.

  • Tights: tan convertible

  • Hair: standard competition hair (center part low bun)

  • Shoes: bare feet (Elites jazz, reindeer, and Sr. Elites jazz)

  • BALLET: pink footed tights and pink ballet slippers

Additional for Senior Elites:

  • Black leotard for underneath the grinch pajamas

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