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WhoVille Holiday, Extra Rehearsal

An extra rehearsal has been added to the calendar.

Sunday, November 21 from 11:00 - 12:30 we will be running a rehearsal specifically for transitions and blocking as we work towards creating a fluid storyline using Max (Nora Pitcher) and the Grinch (Rich Gallegos) as key story components.

I know this date was not originally on our schedule, so if your dancer cannot attend, I understand. Of course, the more dancers who are able to attend, the better our show will be! Thank you for being committed to Elevate and to making our first ever holiday show AMAZING!

Note: The 'Super Sunday' event with Camryn Brothers occurs this same day, 1-2:30. Dancers are welcome to bring a lunch and hang out for the 30-minute break between rehearsal and the workshop (workshop is for ages 8+).

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